Plant-Based Cooking Resource Pack {24-page Bundle}

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Do you ever have to stop what you're doing to Google a kitchen measurement conversion? Do you constantly have to research cook times and oven temperatures for different veggies? Do you know how long it takes to cook pinto beans in the crock pot? What about on the stove?

Let's face it: We waste a lot of time researching the same cooking instructions over and over. But now you can actually SAVE time in the kitchen by having the most important cooking charts and reference sheets right at your fingertips!

Pages include:

  • Cooking tips from the pros
  • Food prep terms and abbreviations
  • Knife cuts (definitions + examples)
  • Kitchen measurement conversion chart
  • Cooking method definitions
  • Oil-free cooking and baking tip sheet
  • This-for-That plant-based substitution chart
  • Quick breakfast recipes + 8 topping ideas
  • Quick snack recipes
  • Seasoning basics + conversion chart
  • Quick seasoning recipes
  • Grain cooking chart
  • Oven-roasted veggies cooking chart
  • Steamed veggies cooking chart
  • Dry bean cooking chart + cooking tips
  • EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen reference sheet
  • Seasonal produce guide
  • List of plant-based foods

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Customer Reviews

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Diana garcia
Love the information! So helpful

Printed it to keep in my pantry! Helpful and well done